NOV 2020 - DEC 2020 

Senior Product Designer

Contract designer working with — I worked on four different projects for a variety of Airbnb product squads.

Monthly pricing for long-term stays


As long-term stays (28+ nights) grow in popularity, we needed to help hosts set the right prices for these stays.

The % off feature is causing hosts to price their listings too high and isn’t realistic mental math for guests or hosts.


By changing the way hosts think about and implement LTS pricing, they will set lower monthly prices when they set a flat rate, compared to when they set a discount on their nightly rates.

Increase the number of hosts who set reduced monthly pricing for LTS and when they do set monthly pricing it should be cheaper and more reasonable for guests.


Remove weekly discounts, other custom discounts, and seasonal rule-sets.
Focus on the monthly pricing, remove the noise.

Completely remove the % unless a user has previously set a monthly discount.
Dramatically change the monthly pricing structure.

New user experience framework


The new user experience across pro-tools for hosts was disjointed, inconsistent, and poorly timed. The heirarchy, placement, timing, and interafaces are distracting and unhelpful.

The newest NUX designs (while they are beautiful) take too much time to produce and rely on custom assets and dev builds that don’t allow for quick iteration.


A standardized and simplified product solution for NUX’s and new product features within the Pro Tools product.

  1. Simplify
  2. Pro-tools as one product suite
  3. No yelling
  4. Educate, don’t interrupt
  5. Ensure new is new
  6. No zombies (honor dismissals)


A cohesive design framework to onboard new users and introduce new or updated features.
  1. Badges
  2. Tooltips
  3. Popovers
  4. Empty states

1. Badges

  • Gently hint without disrupting workflow

  • Flexible placement
  • Three per surface

  • Hide after acknowledgement

2. Tooltips

  • Specifically callout features and changes in-context

  • Let the UI speak for itself

  • Tooltips can be paired with popovers and badges
  • Three is optimal,
maximum of five

  • Hide it if the user dismisses

  • Clicking outside the tooltip does not close it

3. Popovers

  • Prominently introduce brand new tools

  • Don’t overuse popovers

  • Keep the copy short
 and actionable
  • Only use artwork if it adds value to the message

  • Popovers can be paired with badges and tooltips.

4. Empty states

  • Nudge the first right action with a helpful tip in context

  • Limit the artwork to simple icons
  • Use empty states over tooltips

  • Nudge the user to take a helpful action 

Software partner landing page


The current software partner landing page is uninspiring for customers and lacks key functionality for truly comparing different software options.

The % off feature is causing hosts to price their listings too high and isn’t realistic mental math for guests or hosts.


By making the page more visually inspiring we’ll improve conversion rates. Secondly, a more robust and transparent table with all software partners will encourage under performing partners to improve.

  1. Drive more traffic and route more host referrals to our Preferred Partners.
  2. Higher engagement with our partners by implementing transparency on our site with their overall performance.


Complete redesign of the site with a merchandised homepage.
Expanding table view of preferred partners.

Filter, sort and search for software partners.
A basic list of all partners that encourages them to perform better.

Case Studies

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