User Guide: Tyler

As a freelancer I move around organizations fairly often. In all honesty, I love the first day at work. It’s something I can remember even as a child when changing schools. A fresh start—lots of energy and enthusiasm for a new challenge. I made this guide as a way for new colleagues and potential employeers to get to know me so we can work more effectively. 

My Style

  • I like taking risks and trying things that are a bit unusual.
  • I have pretty good instincts and follow my gut often.
  • Prototyping is my language, not a fan of static screens.
  • I need clarity and thrive when I have a clear direction to move forward. This doesn’t mean I need all the answers figured out, far from it, but I do like to have clear guidelines where I should focus my energy.
  • I always ask “why” and need to understand why we’re doing something.
  • I love a casual chat and a good laugh.
  • I crave momentum and a sense of accomplishment.
  • I have a pretty quick mind which makes me ideal for giving immediate feedback in design reviews.


  • Quick prototyping and exploration
  • Unique perspective and constant questioning the reason why.
  • Authentic and determined
  • Strong sense of visual design and overall creative direction.
  • I go deep into the subjects that I’m working on. I won’t push pixels until I understand the space we’re working in.
  • I ask pointed questions and listen intently.


  • I can be too forward and speak my mind which can come off as insensitive and sharp. (I promise it’s not intentional and I’ve been working on it since childhood.)
  • I am impulsive and sometimes don’t think everything through before I go all-in on a decision.
  • I am very good at jumping in and getting things moving at the beginning stages of a project, but when it gets into the final hyper-detailed red-lining stage I can lose interest and become bored. (I have a few tricks to combat this, read on.)

The way to communicate with me

  • I love text and slack – not a fan of email.
  • One-on-ones that are personal.
  • Calendar invites are crucial for me. If it’s not on the cal it’s not real.
  • I really like getting to know you and love learning about your personal life. Happy when I can share mine as well. I like making new friends.
  • I love meetings with clear outcomes and next-steps. 

Things I don’t have patience for

  • Beating around the bush and using flowery language when clarity is sacrificed.
  • Tardiness
  • Unclear guidelines, expectations, and next-steps.
  • Office politics, secrets, vying for power.
  • I find it frustrating when people are afraid to say what they think. 

Things I struggle with & how to help me

  • I can get overwhelmed when everything feels unclear and impossible. I find it difficult to sit in the uncertainty. You can help me by outlining a small chunk of work and get me going.
  • I lose track of meetings and to-dos when they’re not in writing. *Calendar invites are a great way to make sure we’re both on the same page.
  • I can come off a bit rough if I’m frustrated or trying to understand something. I don’t mean it negatively and never intend to be rude.
  • In the final stages of a project I can lose interest and fall victim to procrastination. Keep deadlines on my calendar and things will work out. 

Give me feedback

  • Please give me immediate feedback so we can work through the issue together.
  • I am very open-minded and love learning.
  • I don’t hold grudges, forgive easily, and love fresh starts.

Conditions I prefer for work

  • Flexibility is potentially the single most important thing to me when it comes to work.
  • I love to travel and work from various locations.
  • I like meetings chunked in the afternoon.
  • Mornings are my favorite and most productive hours.

Think I’d be a good fit for your team? ︎Send me an email.