JULY 2017 - DEC 2019 

Product Designer 

One of three designers supporting 16-25 engineers across two squads.

The WeWork App

When I started the design team was roughly 15 people. In my first 20 months with the company I helped design the most used features on our member facing technology platform: Rooms, Guests, and Desks. While the product, engineering and design teams expanded during hypergrowth, I was the primary source of design knowledge on our squad.
My most meaningful contribution to users came from the redesign of the iOS app where I was responsible for designing Space, Rooms, Desks, Guests, and Building Guide. In my time at WeWork I grew tremendously as a designer and learned the importance of being a good team member. 


  1. Seamlessly enable users to find space to collaborate in their building, neighborhood, or city.
  2. Update the IA to reflect most common user behaviors. 
  3. Redesign and refresh the WeWork app with new brand guidelines.


  1. 68% of room bookings happen within 1 hour of start time
  2. ~170 seconds to book a room (repeat task)
  3. Most users have booked less than 3 different rooms


  1. Common/repeat tasks take substantial time mental effort
  2. Rooms are sorted alphabetically with no filtering options
  3. Only display rooms in a single building


  1. New feature: Open Rooms – rooms open now, sorted by previously booked.
  2. Reduced time to book to 14 seconds from app open

On Demand

As one of three designers on the emerging products squad, we completely reimagined the way people used WeWork. As a cross-functional team, we began to test out new product ideas.
Rather than a membership tied to a single location, people could enter any WeWork in the world and seamlessly get to work. 


Case Studies

︎ Coinbase
In Progress