Year In Review


2021 was a big year for me. This exercise started as a way to ground myself in the reality that a lot happened and that I’m not stagnant. I sometimes get the feeling that I’m stuck and not making as much progress in all the different aspects of my life as I’d like to, but when I take time to reflect it soothes that anxiety. I bought my first house, celebrated a year of sobriety, traveled all over the world, and in general made a lot of strides towards some big life goals of mine. I’m deeply satisfied with the work I’m producing and optimistic for the future.


Spent Christmas and New Years with my mom in El Pescadero, Baja California Sur. Flew from New York City to Crested Butte, CO. Took the entire month off work to ski and explore a new town. Rented a car and stayed in a small Airbnb. Kyle and Ryan came out and stayed with me. Made a few friends, went to some of my first in-person meetings. Practiced yoga daily. Found a condo on the mountain and put an offer in. I also turned down a contract with Stash for more money than I’d ever been offered. I followed my gut and knew it would be too difficult to work and be in Nicaragua at the same time.


Flew from Colorado to New York City. Stayed in Jack Pierson’s studio in Ridgewood where I did a nude photoshoot︎seemed like a bucket list once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. Was surprisingly not awkard.  Packed my bags and headed to Nicaragua for 7 weeks. I stayed at a resort/hostel called Amaru in Aposentillo—a remote part of northern Nicaragua. I resumed my contract with Parlor and worked around 20 hours a week. Bella and I started couples therapy and began to repair our relationship. I was officially approved for my first mortgage. Surfed every day for a month and a half. 


Flew from Nicaragua back to New York City. Celebrated one year of sobriety. Closed on my condo in Mt Crested Butte. Officially moved into my first house. Bella and I made plans to reunite. Bought my first car, a 2014 FJ Cruiser and had it delivered to Crested Butte. I gave away nearly everything that came with the house. Signed my biggest contract to date with Stash. Good things come back around if I let them.  



Continued going to meetings. Continued couples therapy. Bought Bella her first mountain bike. Bought a bike rack and a rooftop tent. Did an overnight trip in Utah and explored my new home. Made new friends, bought a couch and started to make some improvements to the house.


Met Bella in Cancun, Mexico. We spent a couple weeks in Tulum – Sober. Back on track. Saw a murder on the main beach road in Tulum. Completed couples therapy. Decided to extend our trip down south. Spent a week in Mexico City. And then flew from Mexico City, to Bogota to San Salvador, to Managua. We spent another month in Nicaragua learning to surf, practice yoga and worked on our jobs. We stayed in a beautiful loft with tons of light and made love.


Spent a week in Nosara, Costa Rica and I broke two leashes on a surfboard. Thought I was going to drown. Had to be helped twice. Once by Bella, another by a random surfer. Practiced more yoga.


Flew back to Denver with Bella. We took a wrong turn and ended up sleeping in the back of the FJ on a yoga mat. Finally made it back home in the morning. Spent the summer hiking, mountain biking and practicing yoga. Fell in love with the area we moved to. Made improvements to the house. Saw more wildflowers than I’d ever seen. Felt like we were living in a fairytale. Mom drove out to visit the new house.


Went to my first bachelor party and stayed sober in Steamboat Springs. Drove from Colorado to New York by myself. Left late at night and got to Wyoming. Then to Nebraska and Iowa and made it to Illinois. Stayed with Anton in Chicago and went to the Russian baths. Then drove through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Made it to New York City, picked Bella up on the Lower East Side and then drove to Southampton. Drove 18 hours in a single day. Spent two weeks with Dieter and Bella on the beach. Drove back to New York City and packed up our Chinatown apartment. We officially moved out.


Started our drive back to Colorado. We went to Pittsburgh, Chicago, Des Moines, Denver, and then finally made it home. Unpacked the car and had all of our stuff in one place. Our new home. Piet came to visit us and we hiked and biked and had a great time. Was a groomsman for Kyle and Shannons wedding in Buena Vista and loved being there with Bella. Stayed Sober. We flew to Spain and spent three weeks in Mallorca in another fairytale. We ate ham sandwiches, drank espresso and ate pastries, lounged around the rocky beaches, learned to drive a stick shift and fell deeper in love. We did a 98 mile bike ride in the mountains. Clem and Cam stayed with us and so did Ali. I started my job with Free Association working on Coinbase.


Watched the weather change to fall in Mallorca. Flew to London and spent a week with Lexi, Giles, and Goldie. We all got deathly sick and I felt horrible, but loved my time there. I got a few new tattoos.  Flew to Monterrey, Mexico and stayed there for 10 days. I got a range of shots in my ass by a doctor in town. Finally started to feel better. Ate amazing food and stayed in a great loft in the city.


Bella got her Visa and we flew back to Colorado. This time for good. We came back to a winter wonderland. Everything was white and we were in love. Continued to work for Coinbase and learned so much. We skied on opening day. Made a big pot of soup for Thanksgiving. Drove to New Mexico and stayed in our new rooftop tent. Loved it.


We got our first huge storm. Left the day after, but not after a bit of sking. Flew to New York City for work and stayed with Nicole and David for the weekend. Eventually moved to the Wythe hotel in Williamsburg. Saw friends, made new ones, and went to our work holiday party. Stayed Sober. Loved my time in the city. Flew back to Colorado and decided to write a list of the past year. We’ll drive to California for Christmas spend the night in the desert. Stay with mom for the holidays and then drive back to CO after new years. We’ll stay at the Wynn in Vegas for a couple days. See comedy, eat at Momofuku and spend another night in the desert. Here’s to 2022.