AUG 2020 - MAY 2021 

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Design Lead

Contract designer partnering with   G.E.O. — I completely redesigned the Coterie website including: design system, homepage, product pages, and, subscription management.


Coterie had an original website from their seed round, but as they expanded their offering to include a subscription, text to order, and a completely redesigned diaper, it was time to overhaul their brand and website.
The talented duo at G.E.O. handled the creative direction and branding. I built the design system, designed the pages, and paired directly with eng to implement.


  1. Increase conversion rates across diapers and wipes.
  2. Introduce the new brand and redesigned diaper.
  3. Introduce and convert users to the subscription model. 
  4. ~90% of traffic was through mobile. Everything was mobile first.  


The final output was one of the fastest website builds I’ve ever worked on and the users loved it. We saw conversion rates spike across the board. 

Case Studies

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